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sticker scallop transparent-red

The high-quality sticker (lasts for up to 5 years!) with a red scallop on a transparent background was made for outdoor use (weatherproof) and is great for cars, mailboxes, lunchboxes, windows, notebooks, ...


Amount: 1 / 5 / 10 pieces

Size: about 10,5 x 10,5 cm (4.13" x 4.13")

2,45 €
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1. Because of technical reasons you see a white backround when you click on the foto. In real you can only (!!!) see the yellow scallop because the background is transparent!


2. The special feature of this transparent sticker is that it's also suitable for dark surfaces!


3. The sticker unfolds its total retention force after about 48 hours.

It is equipped with foil laminate, which

- increases scratch resistance,

- extends UV resistance,

- enhances its colors,

- increases the durability of the sticker for up to 5 years (depending on weather conditions, inci-dence and intensity of light).


4. Please clean the subsurface so that the sticker holds well. The area should be absolutely free from fat and dust!